How Sawmill Works? – The Detailed Steps on How a Sawmill Process Wood

Most of our furniture is made out of wood, but have you ever sat back and thought about its creation? Sawmill is one of the critical machines that process wood into decorating objects. In today’s article, let’s find out how sawmill works.   

How Sawmill Works

How does sawmill work? 

Sawmilling is a procedure where a harsh log begins to be transferred through automated machines into a designed, completed item. In the present day, sawmills work mostly on-request, getting through a framework with the motorized factory parts.

The sawmill procedure includes numerous deliberate choices during these means. Even though the making-wood industry has developed to be more computerized and automatic, an advanced sawmill activity still responsibly depends on experienced sawyers’ sharp eyes and fast hands. 

We will present you the steps engaged with running a sawmill:


First, sawyers must debark the logs with ring cutters, Cambio drums or water blasters. Logs are likewise crosscut into exact lengths by these above tools.

Metal examining

Nails, fencing wire, got installed in trees and logs over a long time. Once any log with unrelated metal objects is detected, it must go through an assembly before being used in the sawmill. On the off chance that the piece can be evacuated, the entire log returns to the creation line. 


The laser is used to scan and test whether the log can be cut to the maximum value. The scan will provide information on the timber’s size and dimension.

Head rig sawing

The head rig acts as a core to the sawmill where ready-logs will get clasped. Regardless of which framework, most present-day sawmills utilize bandsaw cutting edges in their mind rigs. Some propelled head apparatuses can resemble a log’s characteristic bend for most extreme wood catches.


This “best opening face” action will provide the first cut, creating “cants”, leaving a flat surface for secondary and later cants. Waste sections from these cants are recycled into other wood material suppliers. 

Grading, drying, and planing

All wood products, in the end, will be examined in a quality control process. Once passed the test, products will be stored in a dry place to prevent drying.

Other than using a sawmill, you can always redecorate your house with some home improvement tools.


And that’s our answer to how sawmill works. We hope that this article is informative for anyone looking for detailed instructions on how to deal with wood using a sawmill. See you later in our next article!