How To Choose A Toilet For Camping?

It is no doubt that we all love camping and at least once in our lifetime, we make a trip to explore the beauty of nature. However, there will always be  one thing that prevents us from enjoying our trip to the fullest. One single thing that can blow our happiness away in a matter of seconds. And as hard to believe as it sounds, that one thing is the same for all of us,

Yup, it’s the toilet issue.

They are almost non-existent out in the wilderness. On some rare occasions, you can find a public toilet, but it is not always as decent as you imagine. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare a portable toilet in your luggage whenever you go camping. In this article, we will help you choose one that is best for your trip.

Quality Material

It is always necessary to choose a high-quality product, though it could be a bit more expensive. This will ensure that the toilet you choose won’t break while being carried or used. One good idea is to get items made from high-quality plastic, which can endure different ranges of weights and will not turn brittle under the sunlight.

Weight And Size

After choosing the right material for your portable toilet, ‘How heavy is it’ and ‘how big will it be’ come as the next questions you must unravel. 

Weight is a crucial factor that directly impacts your journey. You should choose a toilet that is light enough and is easy to carry from place to place. Please remember that you will not only bear the weight of the toilet itself but also the waste. Therefore, your portable toilet gets heavier each time and it can really give you a hard time as you need to go to the right place for waste disposal.

Another problem to deal with is the size of the toilet. Portable toilets usually can’t hold lots of waste and it will be full pretty fast, which is very frustrating. This is the reason why having a plus-sized toilet with a just as large container will bring about many benefits while camping. Nevertheless, bigger is not always better, it could be the design only and doesn’t offer what you expect to get. Thus, you should inspect it thoroughly before deciding.

Portability And Installation

Lastly, do not forget to factor in the convenience of your toilet. The toilet of your choice should be portable enough to help you travel easier while camping. Also, putting it together must not take so much time. We are talking about something serving the purpose of taking in your ‘burden’ in your most urgent, desperate time here. Sticking with a complex-structured one that is hard to assemble can land you in a dire situation.

Final Thoughts

Camping is exciting but chances are that it can bring along some outrageous issues, including the toilet problem. With our advice, we hope that you can narrow your options and choose the best camping toilet to keep out all the possible nuisances that can put a damper on your trip.

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