Why do aquarium fish jump out of the tank?

There are many aquarists who encounter fish jumping out of the tank and dying if not picked up in time. I have also encountered that situation many times and my fish did not survive. Through research, I have learned a few reasons that cause aquarium fish to jump out of the tank and since then I have tried to prevent this to reduce the loss of fish in the tank. Reference from sites like Aquariumgreen.com

1) The fish was startled by the light off

-This is the most common cause for fish to fly out of the tank, this will happen when the lights go out suddenly, leading to space in the tank becoming dark and the fish will panic, swim wildly and jump up leading to falling out. out.

-This is very common, no matter how long your fish are kept, they still panic when the lights are off.

To overcome this problem you need to buy the most suitable lights for the aquarium. Reduce the light intensity in the tank slowly so that the fish can acclimate.

2) Unstable water environment with new fish

– This case is only common in “newly released fish” when there is a difference in water factors such as temperature, oxygen, or old fish in the tank. This makes the fish do not have time to adapt to the new environment and they will jump up leading to flying out of the tank.

To fix it, you should soak the newly purchased fish bag in your aquarium for about 20-30 minutes, then slowly pour the fish into the tank. You can take a thin cloth to cover the mouth of the tank for 1-2 days when you first buy it, this is the most sensitive stage of the new fish.

3) The living environment is too crowded

– When the number and size of fish exceed the allowable limit of your aquarium, it not only increases the rate of water pollution in the tank, the possibility of infectious diseases is high. This also increases the likelihood of a conflict between the fish leading to them jumping out.

The fix, you know, is to reduce the number of fish or increase the size of your aquarium.

4) There are enemies in their habitat

– Shrimp or some aggressive fish are often the cause of some aquatic fish jumping out.

– For shrimp, they have a different instinct to grip the fins, causing the fish to panic and jump up and fall out.

– The fierce fish such as sails, bettas, red snapper, … or have the characteristics of preening other fish’s fins. Should not be kept with small fish species.

=> If you have shrimp or fish species listed above, don’t be surprised when your fish jump out.

You should consider when keeping them aggressive fish with other species. Prepare precautions such as calculating the appropriate level from the water surface, using a lid for the aquarium.

5) Fish instincts

– The inherent diversity of instincts and behaviors of fishes cannot be overstated. With the habit of jumping up to hunt for prey or just a daily action, it can also cause fish to fall out of the lake.

– Rocket fish, Indian red snapper, Marbled Hatchetfish, sardine, red-headed squirrelfish (red-nosed), nana fish… are the species that often jump out of the water. You need to be careful when choosing to keep in an aquarium.

When choosing to raise species that often launch out of the water, it is necessary to carefully calculate the height of the water surface to the mouth of the tank or have a lid to prevent fish from escaping.

Buying a New Knife Set: Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

So, you want to buy a new set of kitchen knives?

Did you know that when it comes to this topic, many people make the same mistakes that are not just costly but also time-wasting?

In this short post, I will explain some of the more common mistakes that you can avoid when trying to buy your next set of kitchen knives.

The first mistake is all about buying from unknown brands that don’t have a set record of quality.

Just think about it, if you buy from reputable brands like Wusthof or Henckels, the chance is slim to none that you’d stumble upon a bad product.

Yes, I know there are a few exceptions here and there, but it’s nothing compared to what you would get from these big brands’ products, right?

So, next time if you want to buy a new knife set, consider buying from the brands that know what they’re doing.

Another common mistake is all about buying without considering the allowed budget.

You know it, a knife set for regular home chefs is very different from a higher-end professional set for restaurant chefs, right?

And the latter is often more expensive than the former.

So, if you’re just a normal person cooking meals for your own family, no need to invest in an expensive knife set like that.

Of course, unless you have the money to spend.

And finally, it’s all about choosing knife sets that don’t serve your purpose.

For example, if you already have a dishwasher at home, then consider buying a dishwasher safe set, instead of a regular one.

Doing so will help you maximize the potential of your set.