5 Reasons Why Tennis Players Have Many Rackets

If you are just starting to play tennis, you will have a lot of questions surrounding tennis rackets. One of the questions is why tennis players have so many rackets. This article will give some reasons. Please read and find the answer for yourself.

First, because the string can be broken

This is a fairly common situation while playing tennis. In fact, after a period of use, the string will be corroded, rough and broken. This depends a lot on the intensity of the player’s racquet use. For example, for a professional player, a string can be broken after just a few hours of play because of the power and spin of the ball with each stroke. If their string breaks during a match, they won’t be able to wait to re-stretch it. They will immediately replace it with another racket. That’s why there are many racquets in a player’s bag.

However, if you are new to the game, the string can be used for several weeks, even months. With that said, it depends on your technique and intensity of play.

Second, because racquets have different string tension

Another factor related to the string is the tension of the string. Loose strings will create a lot of force. Tight cords give a lot of control. So in the match, players can use many different racquets to suit their tactics. If you observe, you will find it quite interesting that players often take a new racquet in their pocket before each return serve. They do it because a new racquet with a tight string will give them more control over their opponent’s returns.

Third, because of the new grip

After a few hours of playing, the handle of the tennis racket will wear out, get wet and become slippery. This is even worse for people with sweaty hands. It will affect the quality of the player’s shots. In this case, the player also needs to replace the new grip, especially the overgrip for people with sweaty hands. Therefore, players often carry many racquets in their bags.


Fourth, because racquets have different weights

Did you know that there are many different types of rackets in terms of weight? Players can also add more weight to the racquet head or to the grip. That difference will bring about different feelings of power and ball control that help players subdue the opponent. Professional players often order for themselves the perfect racquet for their playing preferences. So having more than 2 racquets is common among professional players.

Fifth, because the racket can break

Another reason players need to have multiple racquets is that rackets can break. Although this is not very often, it still happens to even the world’s superstars from time to time. That’s when they have bad game days. To relieve the tension, they broke the racket. Of course, this is an ugly act that should not be repeated.

Finally, there are many reasons for you to think about owning many different racquets when playing tennis. However, how many racquets is enough for you. The answer depends on how often and how much you play. It can be 1 racquet for beginners, 2 for intermediate players, and more than 3 for professional players.